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    Title: Singularities and the Finale of Black Hole Evaporation
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    Title: A note on the emergence of cosmic space in modified gravities
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    Title: Fluid/Gravity Correspondence For General Non-rotating Black Holes
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  • arXiv:1212.4079
    Title:Trimaximal-Cabibbo neutrino mixing:A parametrization in terms of deviations from tri-bimaximal mixing
    Authors: Bo Hu
  • arXiv:1212.2819
    Title: Neutrino Mixing and Discrete Symmetries
    Authors: Bo Hu
  • arXiv:1205.0209
    Title:(m,n)-type holographic dark energy models
    Authors: Yi Ling,Wen-Jian Pan
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    Title:Magnetohydrodynamics from gravity
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  • arXiv:1107.1430
    Title:Incompressible Navier-Stokes Equation from Einstein-Maxwell and Gauss-Bonnet-Maxwell Theories
    Authors: Chao Niu,Yu Tian, Xiao-Ning Wu and Yi Ling
  • 题目: 零点能与修正的 Friedmannn 方程
    作者: 程龙
    期刊: 江西科学,2011年12月,第6期。
  • arXiv:1106.0784
    Title: Holographic p-wave Superconductors in Quasi-topological Gravity.
    Authors: Xiaomei Kuang, Weijia Li and Yi Ling
    Class. Quantum Grav. 29 (2012) 085015

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